What started it all....

I want to be a writer. I read almost everything and then enjoy writing about what I have read. Sometimes I write about family events, thoughts that I think, or book ideas that I would like to finish. My Mom and Pop told me when I get older, I can try an internship to learn more about writing. One day, maybe I will even make my own book.

My Pop was so excited when I told him I wanted to write, that he suggested I start a blog. Here I can write about anything and other people can see my thoughts. Maybe this will help me become a better writer.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I'm moving my blog to WordPress, and you can view it HERE. I hope you continue to read my blog. All my old posts will be on there (hopefully, correctly filed soon).

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Hocus Pocus Hotel

The Hocus Pocus Hotel was a great book! Tyler "Ty" Yu is a very angry person and gets into a lot of fights. That's why Charlie Hitchcock is very nervous when he finds out that Tyler has asked him to where the hotel is located. He's awed by the Hocus Pocus Hotel. "I've never been to the Hocus Pocus Hotel," Charlie tells Tyler. Ty later informs him that it is the Abracadabra Hotel.  Tyler tells him he needs help finding out why a resident magician, Mr. Madagascar, is missing. If he doesn't find the resident, he doesn't get paid, which means no motorcycle, which he has been saving up for. Charlie knows that would probably end in a fight (which would last about two seconds), so he agrees to help. Through a few twists and turns, Charlie  and Ty solve the mystery of Mr. Madagascar and the mystery of a ghost, along with a couple other mysteries that Charlie uncovers. 

This book was thin, but a great read! I liked the idea of a hotel where magic tricks subside and you never know what goes on around the corner. For readers who like magic and the bunny that will pop out of a hat, you should definitely pick this up. Like I said, though thin, it is a great read. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom was amazing! Brave Ella, a.k.a. Cinderella, is engaged to Prince Frederick, whom you probably know as Prince Charming. Ella is daring, pretty, and intelligent; everything a guy could wish for. But Prince Frederick is a bit on the proper side. He thinks fun is a picnic or staring at art for hours; not that Ella minded, at first. After a while it became a problem and she decided to ask about an adventure. Besides being terribly proper, Frederick is also scared very easily. The bravest thing he ever did was facing off with his father and asking to go on an adventure when he was seven! Ella, upset that he suggests a picnic again, leaves to find Rapunzel, who she thinks would be quite her style, as she saved the Prince after all. Frederick, learning of her idea, goes after her to gain her back.

In another kingdom, brave, strong Prince Gustav is upset that he is laughed at for trying to save Rapunzel. The girls are always the famous ones! So he tells Rapunzel to stop talking to him about her healing. Hurt, she decides to go off and heal people.

In yet another kingdom, Prince Liam, who is a big hero, is depicted as Prince Charming in the Sleeping Beauty tale. Wanting to know his soon-to-be-bride, Liam sets a meeting, only to find out Briar Rose is a conniving, lying, rude, and downright mean princess, spoiled to bits! Liam denounces her, hoping not to marry. Angry that the people hate him, although Liam doesn't understand what is the matter. Liam leaves, downcast, hoping to find someone else to save. Frederick runs into Gustav, who agrees to help find Ella. Liam meets up with them as well, who is just as eager to save his reputation. So all three set out, meeting up with the witch from Rapunzel's tale, Zaubera. Ella is in Zaubera's clutches, and they can't do anything about it! Along the way of following the witch, they meet up with yet another prince! Prince Duncan, husband of Snow White, is having his own troubles.  Together they find a bandit who is not what he seems, an inn that likes them for infamousness, and dozens of more escapades that will make you laugh!

I thought this was an excellent book. It was humorous, filled with adventure, and laid out the untold endings of your favorite fairytale princes and princesses. I recommend this book to anyone who liked The Princess Curse and The Silver Bowl.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Princess Curse

The Princess Curse is a great book! Spirited Reveka has always wanted to be an herbalist, but living under the rule of a strict father, she is instead the apprentice of Brother Cosmin, who has few skills on herbalism, but is kind and tries to teach Reveka all she can. Nevertheless, she is determined to find a way to learn more about herbs and plants, so that one day she may join a convent and be their herbalist. Reveka knows of the curse that holds the princesses every night. Reveka hopes to win the reward and works her best to figure out what to do. But when her best friend is trapped in a spell that locks you into eternal sleep, Reveka must rely on wit, her knowledge of herbs, and the friends she has to solve the mystery and break the curse.

A great book, I think that the author did a splendid job. I loved reading this book. I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was a great book! It was very slow, but as I told Pop,"the first is starting it, the third is wrapping it up. The second is just filling up the gap between the two." The end was very exciting though. Frodo and Sam have set off, with a very old "friend" of Bilbo's following them, hoping to get his hands on "the precious." Meanwhile, Merry and Pippin meet up with the Ents, tree like creatures who take care of the woods. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli however, are plagued with the death of Borimir, and set off in pursuit of Merry and Pippin, who were previously in the hands of some nasty orcs. The three friends have little time for merriment, between the mysterious old man who appears and then vanishes, the orcs, and other hardships of the road. They meet Theoden, who aids them in their quest to vanquish the orcs and find the hobbits, and eventually leads them to Merry and Pippin, who are safely camping with the Ents. While the old friends reunite, Frodo and Sam are following Gollum, trudging through the Dead Swamp, a dry desert, up staircases, and into darkness, to Mordor. But can they really trust Gollum? Will he truly let them into Mordor safely, to destroy the ring?

A great book, I couldn't put this one down. I am currently working on the last one. And (sigh) I'll just have to wait until I'm older to watch the movies. Tomorrow I write about a very interesting fantasy...

The Silver Bowl

The Silver Bowl was a great book that I wanted to post about, but couldn't, due to the fact that my blog had recent complications. Now that I am back on, I would like to write about the spirited Molly and her adventures. Molly was always trouble as a girl, but when she saw a vision of her neighbor dead, she got in even more. Now she has been seeing them a lot, and they always come true. Molly learns that she is magic, and that she may get in a lot of trouble, or be helpful that way. After she learns of the curse, Molly and her best friend must find a way to stop it from killing Prince Alaric, the only one left after a recent and tragic wolf attack. Molly and her friend are together in their friendship, but are they together as a team?

A brilliant book, I think this author has outdone him or herself. The rushing terror or a curse that can strike anytime, the majesty of a silver bowl that reveals the visions, and a mysterious enemy who eludes all attempt to be found make a great book with witty dialogue, humor, and friendship. I highly recommend this to anyone who liked The Frog Princess Series and Tuesdays at the Castle. Until tomorrow, where I right about another fantastical book that I enjoyed...

Monday, October 15, 2012

50 Years...

My grandparents recently had their 50th anniversary. It was so much fun surprising them. Our aunt, Irene, came on Thursday as a surprise; she made her entrance that night. On Saturday we went to Lucille's at Victoria Gardens. Tia Sylvia and Tio Ed came, along with Tia Sal and Tio Joe (which was also a surprise). We went into the restaurant, where we had reserved seats on the patio. Yaya and Yayo arrived with Tia Nene and then we started to order. The food there was excellent. I liked the food. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, the restaurant gave Yaya and Yayo free ice cream, which we ended up eating. It was fun. Our grandparents are sweet, considerate, and different. Saturday we truly celebrated them being together, as a family.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings

Lord of the Rings was an amazing book! I really like it. Frodo has been dismal since Bilbo left on his 111 birthday. Now Gandalf returns, telling him the ring is dangerous and evil, and that he must take the ring to the fires of Mordor. Frodo is wary, but he knows that his quest will heal the land. So Frodo sets off, along with docile Sam, brave Merry, and humorous Pippin. The band of friends go a little ways, meeting Strider or Aragorn son of Arathorn and Legolas. They stay with Tom Bombadil and his lady fair for a bit then travel on, through escapades, dangerous chases, and perilous moments. The fellowship of the ring is formed at the house of Elrond and now the comrades must once again set out to destroy the ring, along with Legolas, an elf, and Gimli, a dwarf. Together they must destroy the black riders, outwit Sauron, and destroy the ring. But will they? In this heart-pulsing chapter of Lord of the Rings, Frodo will go through paths fraught with danger to complete the first section of his journey.

I really loved this book. It was stupendous! The chases, the magical forests, and the heart warming characters made this book worthwhile. I regret to say that Mom and Pop have told me Tom Bombadil and his lady are not in the movie. But nevertheless, I cannot wait to see the movie, which will probably be in a good length of time.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tea Time Chaps!

Saturday we had a birthday party for my friend, Raquel, who was turning seven. We were invited to her tea party, which was a blast! It was so much fun to dress up, grab our dolls, and drink tea. So we dressed up, I in my Kit Kittredge dress and the others in nice summer dresses. We arrived with our dolls. I brought Kit and Ruthie mini dolls, Noel brought a big Josefina doll, and 'Lina a mini Samantha doll, which is very rare. We got there and were able to choose some party favors, made by our hostess, Mrs. A-. We had tons of fun playing and making crafts, like rings, fans, and headbands for our dolls (I got to make mini ones for Kit and Ruthie), then we ate. Pizza is usually not a normal tea food, but who makes the rules? Anyway, after eating we got to play a lot more and spend time together. Finally, came dessert. I chose not to have any sweets, but just to drink tea; most nibbled on the cookies. We all discovered one thing though: We are serious tea fiends! After having several (maybe a good ten) cups of tea, we played games based on historical American Girl characters. Then we enjoyed the rest of the night together, having fellowship as friends. Mrs. A- did an excellent job and we all think that the party was a great success. The Lord really blessed us with this special night, and we have even more coming up!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zac and the Dream Stealers

Zac and the Dream Stealers is an entertaining read! Zac's grandmother was never completely normal, but as an epidemic of nightmares sweeps the nation, she becomes even more on edge! One night he follows her out into a snowstorm and finds out that she is going to a special place called Nocturne, where dreams reside! Through turns and twists, battles, and different escapades, Zac and his grandmother must battle nightmares, werewolves, vampires, and other nightmarish creatures of the Dream Stealers.

A great read, I think this book was a good idea to pick up! The interesting cover enchanted me, and so did its contents. To all who would like to know where dreams come from, and who gives nightmares, well, here are a few magical answers. The funny characters, heart-pounding chases, and witty dialogue makes this book truly worthwhile.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Mystery of the Missing Everything

The Mystery of the Missing Everything was a great book! Bethesda, an eighth grader, has loved mystery ever since she mistakenly uncovered the past of one of her teachers. Since then, watching black-and-white movies of Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan, and others has inspired her to become a detective. When someone steals a trophy, the kids are sentenced to a week of quizzes, quizzes, and nothing but quizzes. Bethesda is instantly on the case. Along with her old friend, Tenny, and her trusty notebook ("Sherlock Holmes can keep the magnifying glass," she states), Bethesda is going to try and figure out the case before all their hopes of the upcoming field trip are dashed! Can she do it?

A great read, The Mystery of the Missing Everything held funny characters, an interesting plot, and mystery all around. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants the style of Sherlock Holmes and the humor of a comedian.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Nest for Celeste

A Nest for Celeste is a great book about a mouse who goes through trials, trying to find a true home. Celeste is a timid mouse who makes her own baskets. When the cat eats up a bully (one of two rats) and leaves the other one scurrying away, it realizes, they weren't the only ones there. Hungry, the cat blocks the entrance to Celeste's home, and she, without a doubt, is homeless. Of course, she can always find a new home. But what makes a place home? The good food? The comfy beds? No, for Celeste, like the old saying goes, "Home is where the heart is" and her true home is very far away. Joseph, the apprentice of a painter, John James Audubon, finds Celeste and puts her in a cage she can slip out of anytime. Joseph and Celeste are soon good friends. But when Cornelius, a bird that Joseph finds, is put in the cage, he asks if Celeste, on a food scrounging trip, will pick up some dogwood berries. Eager to help her new friend, Celeste sets out, only to find herself caught up in a huge storm and lost. Meeting a friendly osprey named Lafayette, she rides in her own hand-crafted basket that Lafayette takes her in back home. Celeste loses Cornelius to winter, where he must go south. She is alone again, and must find a home. Will she?

This was a sweet, enchanting book that I loved. It was funny and the characters were rich. Thanks to the librarian, I found this book when asking if she would help me find a completely different one! I am very happy with this book. Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Blackhope Enigma

The Blackhope Enigma was an awesome book! A labyrinth, a girl named Sunni, her stepbrother Dean, her friend Blaise, and a painting by an amazing artist, Corvo. When Sunni goes to the Blackhope tower to write about Corvo, she meets up with her new friend Blaise. Sunni's brother, Dean, looks at the painting Mariner's Return to Arcadia and he reads about it. Making fun of the Italian word chirascoso, he begins to walk around the maze chanting the word, when he suddenly vanishes. Sunni and Blaise follow; traveling the world that lies beneath the original painting. Can they find a way to get out of the world they're trapped in or will they stay there forever?

A great read, I enjoyed this book a lot. It was creative, mysterious, and wonderful for anyone who loves art and mystery.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast by Robin McKinley was amazing. There were rich descriptions, scenes, and characters.

In this book, Honor (aka Beauty) is a sweet young woman who thinks herself far from a beauty. When young, she asked her father about her name and he explained. When he finished she simply said, "I'd like the name Beauty better." The name stuck and soon Beauty herself forgot her true name. (Odd, how could you ever forget your real name, unless it had been centuries since someone had called you by it?)

When her father goes to the city, with high hopes for the family, he gets lost on the way home. As the tale goes, he is treated finely and when he hopes to leave, picks a small rose.

A humble thing, but nonetheless the Beast sees this as in insult. In this version, to pay the price, he must bring back the daughter willing to come within a months time or he shall suffer. Valiantly, Beauty says she will go, as it was she who wished for the roses.

Beauty is dressed in silks and jewels, fed the finest on silver platters, and has become a friend to the Beast. Each night when she is asked if she will marry him, she says no.  She is slowly growing more sorrowful each night. Beast tells her he can give Beauty the gift of dreams; dreams about her family.

Beauty views her sister's fiance alive, who they thought was dead by a shipwreck. Determined to help, Beauty must become brave enough to ask the Beast. But will she?

A great read; I think this was funny, magical, and beautifully written.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ordinary Magic

Ordinary Magic is a great book! In a world where magic is normal and being un-magical is not, Abigail Hale feels doomed to learn she is an ordinary person. She has nothing, no magic, and is something people try to avoid.

But Abby's family isn't just any family; it's a loving one and not ready to give her up to adventurers Barbarian Mike and Trixie, who need an ord (ordinary) to do work for them. Ready to face anything; Abby's oldest sister, Alexa, tells them the truth about her job for the king: She helps run a school for ordinary kids like Abby.

Not exactly thrilled, her parents send her, hoping to educate Abby. There Abby is friends with Fred, Peter, and Frances. Together they work through the school weeks; learning how to escape if they are kidnapped, how to defend themselves, and how to survive if alone. One day these kids will be adults and life won't be easy if they are caught and used to other people's advantage.

A few weeks go by and Abby's life at school seems normal, until the Fall Fest arrives. Abby is kidnapped and Peter nearly so! Abby escapes and Mike is put in prison until his sentencing, while Trixie runs off to hide and thinks up a plan. Things are a little normal, until "red caps" (goblins who eat people) come and attack the school under Trixie's manipulation.

Frances is sold away and nobody knows where she's sold off to. Mike and Trixie are stuck together, banished from the kingdom. Abby and the rest of the school are saving Frances and others. Life for Abby settles back into a nice vacation at home.

I really liked this book! I couldn't have even imagined what was in store, when I picked up the book. Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kasper, The Titanic Cat

Kasper, The Titanic Cat was a sweet, delightful book that I could not tear my eyes away from. Prince Kasper Kandinsky, the prince of cats, belongs to Countess Kandinsky, who sings opera. Johnny Trott, the main character, is a bellboy at the hotel SAVOY. He likes Kasper and wants Kasper to like him. As he gets to know the countess, he realizes she is like a mother he would like to have. When the Countess dies in a car accident, he and Kasper, who have become great friends, are now stuck with each other. Johnny hides him in his attic room until someone comes for him. When the Countess' relatives come, their young daughter, Elizabeth Stanton, befriends Kasper and Johnny. She is nicknamed Lizziebeth, and the three enjoy one another's company. But when Lizziebeth needs to go home on the Titanic and Kasper wants to go too, Johnny decides to stow away and works down in the boiler room. When the Titanic hits an iceberg on that fateful night, Johnny must leave Kasper to drown or else stay on board as it sinks. Lizziebeth and Johnny save Kasper and the Stanton's adopt Johnny when they get back to New York. This was a great book, I liked it a lot.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Space, Lots of Books, and a Love of Reading

Our cousin gave us boxes and boxes and boxes of books, two or three months ago. Lately, he has given us a few more. I was surprised at how many books they own! We've found a bunch of good books.

Noel has confiscated Dragonology and Lina took that funny picture book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I found three mythology books and a country cookbook. My favorite find was a book full of baby names.

Now you're probably thinking, why baby names? Well, since I'm a writer, I'm constantly thinking up books, characters, and places. What better way to think up names, than use a book full of names? Unfortunately, the book is very small. Although, it does give the meaning of the name, the country it is from, and if it is a feminine or masculine version of a different name. I found Antonia, which was the female version of Anthony, and more.

As to the post's title, it frankly sums up our position. We still have three boxes full of books and frankly any of the books we like (except for my cookbook, which is going in a cupboard full of others) we have to keep on our personal shelf in our closet. So is it a good thing to get the books? Personally I'd say yes, but by the time we graduate, we'll need a room for our books. Which is okay because the more, the merrier!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood was a jolly, funny, well written book. How Robin Hood and his band of merry men came to be is explained and the adventures begin! The characters are interesting and the comical adventures of Robin Hood and the merry men are great to read! One of the tales tells how Little John goes off for a day to play the part of a friar and Robin Hood goes off to play the part of a beggar. The hilarious antics of the band, the exhilarating escapes from the Sheriff of Nottingham, and their grand hospitality to guests will amuse anyone. I've been reading this, and I find that although the whole book was good, I felt really sorry for Robin in the end. All the merry men work for the king, but soon they drop off, until only Allan a Dale and Robin himself are left. The two are granted three days away and they go to Sherwood. Robin sorrowfully blows the old horn, only for Little John and the rest of the band to come running! Robin promises that he will never again leave the wood and they shall enjoy what they have left of their days together. But the angry King tries to capture Robin, so that he may again join his household. Many of the men die and Robin gains a fever. Little John takes Robin to one of the King's nurses to heal Robin. Fearing she may be punished for helping Robin, she locks the door on Little John, then cuts one of Robin's veins! She leaves him there to die and Robin painfully blows the horn. Little John comes to his aid and both weep over the loss of good friends. Robin takes up his bow, pulling his best arrow into it he sighs and says, "Wherever this may land, you shall dig my grave there." As it just so happens, it lands in Sherwood Forest near the tree where the golden arrow used to hang (from the archery contest). Robin Hood dies in Little John's arms. I thought that was such a sad ending, although I found it sweet where the arrow landed. So there ends the jolly tale of Robin Hood. Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Princess of the Wild Swans

Princess of the Wild Swans was a good book, new from Diane Zahler! She is now on my list of favorite authors, and I recommend her books highly. This one was a version of the old fairytale in which a stepmother (why is it always a woman?) casts a spell on the five brothers of the princess. To help them, she must sew shirts out of nettles and she must do it in silence. (To me, silence is something I cannot bear, and I pity those who cannot speak. There is something uncomfortable about silence and I completely understand that it would be hard to master the task.)
In the old version a prince is awestruck by her sweet charm when she wraps his injured hand and gives him water. He wants to marry her and the princess cannot voice a protest, so she sews in the basement while waiting for the wedding. A priest sees her and thinks her a witch -  making shirts out of nettles! The prince sadly agrees to put her to death, for that is a witch's punishment. The princess is thrown into a basement, the same she occupied before. While awaiting her fate, she finishes the shirts and saves her brothers. She regains her ability to speak and marries the prince.
In this version, that is skipped and instead the trial is finding a place to stay without the queen finding her. I liked this book a lot.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Kingdom Keepers: Shell Game

Kingdom Keepers: Shell Game is the newest book of Ridley Pearson's amazing series! In this book Finn, Willa, Philby, Charlene and Maybeck are going on a cruise, and they suspect more than a good bit of Overtaker work! Together they have to figure out how to stop the OT's. But before the cruise there's still a base to protect and some mysteries to solve. Maleficent has turned his mother into an enchanted worker for the Overtakers! To make things more fun, the Keepers are growing apart! When the hardest part comes, boarding the cruise and beginning their mission, the five Keepers are going to need a little help from six volunteers and a mysterious girl named Storey. If that isn't enough, the voodoo lady from Pirates of the Caribbean, Tia Dalma is on board! Together the Kingdom Keepers must fight Maleficent from the ocean. I really liked this book! I can't wait to read the next one. Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Familiars: Secrets of the Crown

The Familiars was an awesome book! Skylar and Aldwyn were amazing characters and Gilbert was funny. Aldwyn used to be an alley cat, before become a familiar, battling evil. He knows nothing about his past (and doesn't care about it) until the Familiars' newest quest has a strange connection with his father; but he can't worry about that now. Paksahara, the queen's old familiar, is plotting to raise an army of dead animals so that man will bow down to the animal species and Vastia will be a dark place under Paksahara's rule. To stop her, the Familiars must find the Crown of the Snow Leopard. Still, Aldwyn is haunted by his uncle Malvern's tales of his father. Was Baxley really selfish and cruel? As they journey, Aldwyn, Skylar, and Gilbert must face greed, being powerless, and more challenges. Aldwyn's father is revealed to be a very good person, and Malvern an aid to Paksahara. Malvern is killed in their fiery battle and Aldwyn thinks he is alone. But no, he has a sister! Before they can find her though, they must stop Paksahara. I think this was a very cool book, packed with adventure and mystery. I also read on the inside jacket cover that a movie will be made on the book by Sam Raimi and Sony Animation. This book came out last year, so I don't know if a movie will actually come out, but it sounds interesting! Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Marissa Burt is now on my list of favorite authors! Storybound was a captivating, mysterious book that I enjoyed reading. I whole-heartedly recommend this to any reader who loved Inkheart.
Una Fairchild has no parents. One day she picks up a book. She blacks out, only to discover she has been written into the book! Peter Merriweather discovers her secret and helps her figure out how to fit in. As they work together, they believe the Muses are supposedly trying to destroy Story. Instead, they discover it was only one muse, Fidelus, who did these things! Una and Peter have to figure out how to save Story along with Sam, the talking cat; Endeavor (Indy) the son of a tale-keeper; and others. This story was left at a cliffhanger (which I kind of hate) but it is cool. I hope a second book is written, but we shall see. Tomorrow I will write about another great book. Until then...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Bliss is a great book! Rosemary (Rose for short) loves her parents bakery and the best part is her parents make magical cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. But when a flu epidemic sweeps part of a smaller town, Rose's parent's must go and help. They've never revealed their magic to anyone and are reluctant to go, but they take their chances. Rose is excited she'll be able to make magic, but the kids are forbidden, and Rosemary is given the key to the room holding the magic cookbook. That day, a mysterious woman named Lily, who calls herself Aunt Lily comes over and says that she wants to spend time with her dear family. But Rose doesn't trust her. The boys Thyme, a highschool student, and Sage, in elementary, are excited and they are ready to do anything for her. When Thyme (Ty for short) decides that he would love to make some magic and prove themselves to Aunt Lily, the kids sneak some recipes. But oh, what havoc! The love muffins make a teacher and a shy man who like each other start to really go gaga over each other. And then truth cookies make people start telling truths even if they  don't want to! Mixed with eating love muffins and truth cookies, girls are crazy about Ty, the shy teacher and man are going crazy about each other, and the upside-down-inside-out cupcakes make the town act and talk backwards! With Aunt Lily's help they fix the mess, but Rose feels like their's something not right about her. And then she tells Rose she's offering her a place beside her, to steal the cookbook and make her family forget her! Rose is caught, for she's always wanted to be able to use the cookbook whenever she wanted to and be like Aunt Lily. But Rose is loyal and she dumps Forget Me muffins Aunt Lily made for Ty and Sage so that they would forget them. Aunt Lily gets away with the cookbook, and their parents come back. Rose is disappointed, but she knows she made the right choice. I think this book was pretty good. At some parts I had to pause, but other than that, it was pretty funny! Until tomorrow...